There is a fundamental distinction between the shipping and architectural markets. A building without glazing retains its integrity, unlike a ship, whereby glazing is a structural element without which its integrity is compromised.

The sea can prove to be an extremely hostile environment, more so than any other on earth. Acknowledging that, strict adherence to BSMA 25 and ISO standards in the construction of marine glazing is obligatory.

The VASGLASS heat treated and heat treated laminate glazing are offered certified by an internationally recognized classification society fully compliant to BSMA 25, ISO 614, ISO 21005, ISO 11336, ISO 12216 regulations and standards, in addition to following the guidelines of internationally recognized societies for specific requirements able to cover the entire range of marine applications, such as windows, scuttles, doors, interior and exterior balustrades, etc.

The ISO 614, and consequently, ISO 21005 standards, form the backbone of standards that define durability and strength for marine monolith glass. However, these standards do not apply to marine laminate glazing.

Manufacturing of marine laminate glazing requires application of specialized techniques, which VASGLASS offers through a certified product range in the marine glazing market.

ISO 11336 and ISO 12216 specify the requirements and methodology for the design and testing of marine glazing, following the approach for structural elements established in other disciplines and sectors.

These requirements relate to the level of pressure exerted on the glazing depending – among others – on the position of its installation and the size of the vessel.

Pressure test results showed that although it is possible for the laminate glazing to break (under extreme conditions), the system remained watertight under all circumstances.

Naturally, post breakage resistance to pressure is reduced, however the overall integrity of the laminate glazing allows the time necessary for repairing the damage. This is a crucial difference between heat treated laminate glazing and a thermally treated monolith glass.

VASGLASS, offers its marine glazing portfolio under the VAS-SEC MARINE and VAS-SAFE MARINE brand-names, following the successful completion of a series of tests on the strength of load bearing glazing and having obtained type approval and relevant certification by the internationally recognized classification society Lloyds Register, a member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).

The accomplishment of obtaining type approval by Lloyds Register, affirms the compliance of the VASGLASS marine glazing portfolio with international standards and specifications and the effectiveness of the company's manufacturing process and the quality assurance systems it employs.

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