At VASGLASS we all share the same vision: continuous advancement. The evolution of architectural glass in terms of manufacturing process, functionality and glass marine applications is continuous. Competence, technology and innovation lead to the creation of advanced products and services that respond to contemporary needs.

Products and services of supreme quality and of the highest standards, are those that can stand in the demanding international market environment. We have been dedicated during the last five decades in the advancement of our processing capabilities, aiming at establishing sheet glass among the foremost materials for any type of construction, be it in land or sea.

Our prestigious and strong brand name has become synonymous to consistency in quality and reliability. At VASGLASS, thanks to our marine glass specialists, we follow a tailor-made approach, where our experienced staff works closely with our clients so as to establish a clear understanding of their needs and consequently, plan for and apply the most appropriate glass solutions to every situation.

Our turnkey service approach consists of consultation, digital measurement, CAD design, manufacturing and certification, installation and review audit. It is this particular sequence of service elements that ensures our clients that VASGLASS is an excellent provider of tailored glass solutions, specifically designed for their needs.

The sea environment is directly linked to man's life. VASGLASS, through its certified Marine Glass line becomes an integral part of this environment through the offering of specialized, high-end glass solutions. Applications vary from sailing yachts to cruisers. Bearing all certifications required, our Marine Glass line is rated seaworthy under all conceivable circumstances.

We develop a deep understanding of your needs. Independent of the extend of your requirements, we design and manufacture products that meet them both in terms of function and aesthetics. Our custom-made solutions address the full range of potential need and applications, such as protection and safety, fire resistance with fireproof glazing, and curved glass applications, to name but a few.

The VASGLASS range of interior and exterior glass products is marine-certified, where applicable.

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