The building blocks for our entire portfolio. The core materials that span the complete range of solutions offered by VASGLASS, such us marine glazing, exhibiting absolute transparency, safety & durability.



Clear float glass is mainly comprised of silica sand and soda ash and is created through a process whereby the elements are heated to a temperature higher than 1.500oC, forming a uniform molten sheet that floats on a bed of molten metal, typically tin.


Float glass of exceptional clarity due to low iron oxide content. Its composition allows for the highest levels of light transmission and reduced discoloration of the float glass. It demonstrates the exact same sound control and mechanical properties as the clear glass.

Ultra clear float glass is commonly used as a substrate for the application of anti-reflective coatings, while performing exceptionally well in solar energy related glass marine applications and general energy related applications.


Bronze, tinted, green, and blue.

Float glass containing coloring agents (small quantities of metals or metal ox ides), added during the production phase, offering a uniform result in its visual characteristics, its color, as well as its thermal conductivity. Sound control and mechanical properties are the same as those of the clear glass. Color glass is used in a multitude of high-performance applications.

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