Background noise is an escalating problem in our times, while moments of quietness and serenity become increasingly rare. The soundproofing properties of the VASGLASS NOISE REDUCTION product line provide an effective shield against this phenomenon, safeguarding us at all times.



Ever-increasing noise levels are a leading characteristic of modern society. Protection against noise pollution becomes one of the most important aspects of daily life, as it directly impacts our mental health. Moments of quietness and tranquility become increasingly rare, while comfort becomes synonymous to achieving adequate noise protection.

The soundproofing properties of the VASGLASS product line, such us ship windows, offer a significant reduction in ambient noise levels and an effective protection against noise pollution.

We take acoustic glass one step further, by additionally offering the EN 356 and EN 12600 certifications (CE mark) for its high performance safety and protection portfolio, also for its VAS-SAFE ACOUSTIC product line.

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