VASGLASS continuous quest for innovation and the creativity of its people led to the development of high performance marine glazing for the demanding markets of shipbuilding and maintenance.

Methods developed internally and tested in its R&D, allow VASGLASS to claim the competency and the core advantage of manufacturing marine glazing that exhibits reduced width and weight for given strength and integrity profiles.

VASGLASS can certifiably offer impressive weight reductions in the order of 30%, compared to conventional methods of weight measurement.

Heat treated laminate glazing is approximately 40% thicker than monolith heat treated glazing of equivalent characteristics, according to the following equation:

ts2 = ti12+ ti22 + ...... + tin2 mm

n = number of laminate glass components.
ti = the width of each individual component of the laminate glass, in mm.
ts = the width of the monolith glass, in mm.

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